Daily Entertainment

All entertainment is FREE with admission to the Ulster County Fair.  Kids Daily Shows on our Small Stage.


Dr. Rock’s Dinosaur Adventures

Take a trip through time back to the age of dinosaurs with Dr. Rock a paleontologist. Meet some zany dinosaur characters: Fossil a pteranodon, Dyno an iguanodon, and more. This fun filled show will have you laughing and clapping as these characters entertain you with their fun filled antics and songs. But stick around for the end…..there’s a big surprise! Who knows, you might even get to meet a dinosaur.


Wade Henry

Wade is  an accomplished juggler, unicyclist, ropewalker, fire eater, equilibrist , magician and comic. Wade is also a master of the skilled art of handling an audience. Over the past 20 years, the “Wade Henry Show” has been phenomenally popular with Fairs and Festivals. He has performed over 8,000 show and continues his prolific outflow of entertainment today.

With the tallest unicycling act on the Fair/Festival circuit, a daring approach to his life and work – and top notch professionalism – you can see why he’s know as “The High Roller”.



 Robinson’s Racing Pigs


Back Again for 2016! The original Robinson’s Racing Pigs! Watch Robinson’s pigs race and swim around the track. Fun for all ages!! Four Shows Daily. Throw down an Oreo cookie and a pig will follow you anywhere. The pigs race four times a day, with a typical race taking less than a minute. Too much fun! And all the pigs were adorable. Robinson’s Racing Pigs and Paddling Porkers, a carnival-type show featuring a miniature race track for pigs, complete with checkered flags and starting gates. This Classic American Fair Entertainment has been a crowd-pleaser at the Ulster Fair for over a decade. The Robinson Racing Pigs have appeared on all major TV networks  as well  as the tonight show with Johnny Carson and Jay Leno and have become the #1 fair attraction in North America.


Barn Yard Cracklin’ Review


Rocky Da’ Roosta and his cast of cackling hens will entertain you throughout the entire day.  The shows run on the hour and the half hour.  The best, interactive part is in between the shows. Just press Rocky’s Magic Button, and watch Rocky and his hens pop up and tell funny, entertaining, family-friendly jokes!  Such fun for the entire family!






Josh Landry – Chain Saw Carver


Watch a 3 foot log turn into an intricate piece of art!  Every performance is an original and captivating high-energy performance. Pick out your favorite piece and place a bid! All art will be auctioned off on Sunday afternoon. During a forty five-minute show, from behind protective netting, onlookers will observe an original and captivating high-energy performance. With chain saw roaring and chips flying, our carvers’ precision and skill quickly transforms a three-foot tall log into a true work of art.




Wednesday Evening at Dusk.  Fireworks at dusk at the Ulster County Fairgrounds. Nothing energizes a crowd like fireworks! Fireworks show are people’s favorite! For more than 100 years, we have committed ourselves to pyrotechnic excellence. At American Fireworks Company sets the standards in the fireworks industry, producing a spectacular display of fireworks to highlight of the night. Family owned and operated since 1902, American Fireworks seventh family generation maintains the same principles and integrity the business was first built on.


Garden Tractor Pull


Tuesday Evening at 6 pm. Got the biggest and baddest Lawn Tractor? Get your lawn mowed and then bring it to the fair to prove who has the best.  Rules for Garden Tractor Pull Information.

  1. Hitch Height – Max 13 inches
  2. Wheelie Bar – 6″ x 6″
  3. Maximum RPM – 4000
  6. King of Lawn will be stock only
  7. Engines must be available from the factory in that model
  8. Engines must have OEM flywheels
  9. Engines must not run on racing fuel
  10. Weights will extend no further than 12″ from the frame of the tractor
  11. Dropped weights will disqualify the pulling attempt
  12. Tractors may be driven by only 2 different drivers for each class
  13. Helmets will be worn by those 12 years and under
  14. Drivers will keep one hand on steering wheel at all times.
  15. Drivers will remain seated at all times
  16. Drivers must wear appropriate footwear (shoes or sneakers)
  17. First puller has the option to refuse the first pull and drop to third for another attempt. This pull will become the recorded pull.
  18. Drivers must stop before the 25′ line and re-pull (at the discretion of the flagman)
  19. All drivers must stay within boundary lines
  20. Drivers must be ready to pull when it is their turn. If they are not in line, and ready to pull they must go to the end of the class. Missing this pull will result in forfeiture of their hook fee.
  21. Any tractor determined to be MODIFIED will be placed in a special modified class.
  22. In case of need: jumpers will load from front to back at all times
  23. All decisions made on the track are final. There will be no discussion or protests!
  24. Have fun!!!

Weight Class & Horse Power Rating

850 lb. (Up to 10 HP)
950 lb. (Up to 10 HP)
1000 lb. (Up to 12 HP)
1100 lb. (Up to 16 HP)
1200 lb (Up to 16HP)
1400 lb. (Up to 18HP)
King of the Lawn – Unlimited

Truck Pull




Truck Pull Rules – 2016

Antique Tractor Pull


Friday Evening at 6 pm. Antique Tractor Pull Rules: There will be NO Alcoholic beverages in the pits or on the show grounds!!!!!

  1. Any puller under age 18 MUST have a 4H drivers certificate and a parent must sign a consent form in person, at time of registration. Parents are responsible for their children at all times. Children must be accompanied by an adult while in the pits!
  2. Drivers are expected to operate their tractor in a safe manner on the track, in the pits, and on/off show grounds. All pulls are to start from a tight hitch. NO jerking the sled to get started.
  3. One tractor may only be pulled in 2 classes.
  4. A pull is considered over when the forward movement of the sled has stopped. At this time, pullers are asked to stop their tractors when they are flagged by the flagman.
  5. The first puller in each class has the right to take that pull or drop to last place and pull again. First pull won’t count.
  6. Tractors must remain within the track boundaries during a pull or else be disqualified.
  7. Pullers are allowed 2 attempts and 25 feet to start the sled.
  8. Prior to the tractor pull, a drivers meeting will be called to discuss pulling procedures and rules. All drivers MUST attend!!!!
  9. Wheelie bars are recommended, but not mandatory, except in open classes where wheelie bars are mandatory!
  10. Stock classes will pull in first gear only.
  11. Stock weight classes will be as follows: up to 2500lbs, up to 3500lbs, 4500lbs, 5500lbs, 6500lbs, 7500lbs, 8500lbs, 9500lbs, 10,500lbs
  12. Open class is as follows: up to 5500lbs, 6500lbs
  13. Contest is open to stock block agricultural tractors, 1959 and older with rubber tires. No duels, tire studs, or chains allowed.
  14. Open class will consist of:
    A) Any model year factory built farm and/or industrial tractor other than homemade.
    B) Single engine, grill, hood, rear end and transmission from original tractor MUST be used. Any engine is OK.
    C) All engine modifications are OK
    D) No four wheel drives.
  15. Tractors will be weighted according to their class with a 1% overweight allowance. Example: 3500lb. Multiplied by 1% =35lbs. to be allowed over the class weight.
  16. The flagger has the right to stop the pull at any time.
  17. No implements are permitted on the tractors.
  18. Weight determined by the scales will be the “official” weight at that pull.
  19. Tires stock class 15.5 by 38 allowed up to 5500, 16.9 by 38 allowed up to 7500, and
  20. 8 by 38 allowed over 7500. Open classes any size.
  21. All tractors must be equipped with workable brakes. All tractors must have hood and grill in place.
  22. Any loss of tractor parts will result in an automatic disqualification.
  23. Drawbar must be 18″ from pin hole to the ground. And there must be an 18″ minimum from the center of the axle to the point of contact with the chain of the sled.
  24. All decisions made by the pulling officials are FINAL!!!

Horse Shows


WEDNESDAY 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
4-H Horse Show English and Western

THURSDAY 9 am – 3:00 pm
Open Pony Show and Driving

FRIDAY 8 am – 5:30 pm
Open Draft Horse Show

SATURDAY 8 am – 5:30 pm
Open Western Show 4 pm: Gymkhana

Open English Horse Show

All horse show are “open” shows except for 4-H and there is no pre-registration for any show except 4-H. If you have any questions regarding horse shows please call the Fair Office at 845-255-1380 or 845-255-1707.

Baby Contest


Sunday at 11 AM. This is your chance to enter your baby in the Ulster County Fair’s Annual Baby Contest on Sunday at 11 AM in the entertainment area. Babies up to 18 months will be judged in the following categories:

  • Miss Congeniality 1st place- $50 Prize
  • Mr. Congeniality 1st place – $50 Prize
  • All participants will receive a ribbon

Entry blanks are available from:

Ulster County Fair
P.O. Box 71
New Paltz, NY 12561
Phone: 845-255-1380