Vendors & Concessions

The Ulster County Fair rents both inside and outside concessions space. When considering a concession for admission to the fair, we look at the product/organization that you wish to promote and the appearance of your booth/trailer. We also have the policy to limit the number of concessionaires selling the same type of product.

Inside: We have a Commercial Tent available for Concessionaires that want to be inside. Tent Spaces are 10′ x 10′. Multiple Spaces can be rented: 20′ x 10′, 30′ x 10′, etc. We also offer corner spaces, if available, for an additional charge. Electric is included in Tent Charges – 300 watts max.

Outside: Outside spaces are available in various sizes.

For more information and an application, download  2024 Vendor Information.  Two pricing charts are applicable – one for non-food and one for food sales.

Additional charges that apply:

  • Electric – Outside spaces only
  • Camping – Water and Electric only
  • Liability Insurance – Waived if provided with a certificate from your insurance carrier
  • NYS Workers Comp – Certificate required
  • NYS Sales Tax Certificate – Required if selling